customized processes

Ontario Gazette

A weekly publication from the Ontario Government. 

The Vivid Stream team + our customized processes

We make it look easy … but there’s a lot that goes on to make it happen every week..


Production starts with the print version of the Ontario Gazette where the page count can be anywhere between 12 and 300 pages.

Typically we have a 2 to 3 day schedule to provide a completed proof to the Gazette office for review.

Day 4 is when we send the finalized version of the Gazette to the printer.




Customized templates and style guides were developed to guarantee continuity within the publication; and, to provide export of valid html for the online version.

Structure and formatting differ throughout each of the 14 sections of content. Our designers’ experience and eye-for-detail ensures integrity of the content being formatted.



The digital team developed unique, customized routines for the online version of the Ontario Gazette.

With a 1 to 2 day turn-around time, the initial export to html5 is processed, and the code is validated.

A final quality control check is completed to ensure the integrity of the data, and compliance for accessibility.


We worked with the team at to develop the online version of the Ontario Gazette that meets the accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ( AODA ). 


The Ontario Gazette

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